About me and my work

I have 22 years experience working as a counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist in Plymouth in the South West of England. - Before that I had a varied career, including working for the BBC as an engineer, both in studios including producing special effects and on outside broadcasts. My main therapeutic approach is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP; a therapy which teaches you simple, natural ways to take control of your thoughts and resolve your emotions.

With NLP I can help you deal with a broad variety of concerns, including depression and anxiety; fears and phobias such as fear of heights, crowds, or spiders; managing emotions such as anger; eliminating bad habits such as smoking, gambling or overeating; or relationship issues such as jealousy, possessiveness, distrust or resentment.

NLP is a very popular and effective therapeutic technique and can work very quickly, with most problems significantly improved, or even completely resolved, in just one or two sessions. It can achieve results far more quickly than most traditional therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy or psychoanalysis.

I trained in NLP with its originator, Dr Richard Bandler, and its foremost experts, including Paul McKenna, and have achieved hundreds of successes in my career. You can read more about how I can help you to deal with particular problems on my general website, Excel Yourself - check the list on the right-hand side of the page - or on my What I Do page on this website.

I am also a licensed hypnotist, and am able to use hypnosis techniques where appropriate to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of therapy.

My professional memberships include:

Accredited Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy
Licensed ‘Phoenix/Courtville System’ Smoking Cessation Specialist
The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Licensed Trainer and Licensed Master Practitioner

I live in Plymouth, Devon with my partner, Reva, and enjoy hiking, ocean swimming and tango dancing in my free time. I have two children and seven grandchildren.


I would have no hesitation in recommending David Owen as a therapist. I went to see him to try to treat flashbacks following a traumatic incident. In one session, David achieved more than I thought possible – using a variety of techniques, he gave me the tools to overcome the flashbacks and move on from the incident in question. I found him professional, reassuring and immensely experienced. I am happy to report that since that session, I have had no further flashbacks and feel this is due largely to David’s expertise. - K, Plymouth

I would like to thank David for his compassionate and uplifting support in my time of crisis. He truly heard me and helped me build the confidence to put my life back on track. R, Cornwall